About Me

First of all, I am old enough to have used a rotary phone but young enough to have never been to a Beatles concert.

When the internet era began, I was addicted to two things: playing Subspace and designing web pages in Geocities. The former is what drew me into working at GameStrata, and the latter is what got me into web development. I started learning HTML and CSS in High School by reading the code Macromedia Dreamweaver generated, then used that skill to design web pages for businesses. When Google became the main search engine, I began to google and learn about database and application design. After getting a Computer Engineering degree at UCDavis, I carried forward my entrepreneurial spirits by working with many different startups, including my own in Silicon Valley as a software engineer.

My transition from engineering to product management was the hardest thing in my career because it was a complete mind shift. The reason I made the switch was because I love working with people. As much as I enjoyed the gratification from shipping code, working in the gaming industry made me realize that what I love more is collaborating with different people - illustrators, storytellers, producers, marketers, etc. - to ship those products.

Nowadays, I think about product strategy and frameworks - personas, use cases, agile methodology, etc., instead of application and database design. I write user stories and acceptance criteria more than HTML and CSS, but my passion and goals remain the same - collaborate with great people to ship great products that customers love using.

With a family of four, plus our beloved dog Sloane, spare time is rare. But when I get it, I enjoy watching Bay Area sports teams (SF Giants, 49ers, Golden State Warriors), and playing golf and basketball. Holler at me if you want a shooting match. Exercising is important to me for three reasons: my health, my vanity, and my sanity, so I try to do it at least 4 times a week with the same routine.

Lately, I have enjoyed mentoring young professionals who want a career change. Perhaps I give them a different perspective from my past experience, so if you are in town and want to grab a cup of coffee, ping me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter!

Cheers! Calvin

This page was last updated on Jun 4, 2020